Sunday 17 January 2016

What Nibbles Eats Daily

In the morning Nibbles normally wakes up before I wake up especially in the holidays. Every morning whilst I watch TV and eat breakfast, he hears the TV on and realises that I'm up so he starts to kick the sides of his hutch to get my attention. Once I have finished eating my breakfast I finally give into the urge of getting him out of his hutch and bring Nibbles inside to have his breakfast.

There is half a cup or less of pellets which is always at his reach throughout the day and also a bowl of water which he can drink or eat at anytime because they are the most important source of nutrients that a rabbit can have.

Around lunch time or dinner time I would give Nibbles either a seed mix or some kale (which is his absolute favourite food). At lunch time I would let him go outside or play with him inside with some of his toys, if you would like to see what toys Nibbles plays with to help stimulate his brain check out my last blog post.

After Nibbles has gotten a bit tired out from either playing with his toys or running around outside, or I guess just chasing me around the house. I give him a carrot once finished if he is still hungry I'll give him either some parsley or a homemade treat which I have also written a blog post on how to make them. The good thing about making your own rabbit treats is that you know there aren't any chemicals or preservatives and you definitely get a lot of rabbit treats which will last you around 4 weeks or more.

After dinner I let Nibbles stay inside until he needs to go into his hutch, which is bedded with hay and newspaper underneath. Nibbles also has a drink bottle. Small animal drink bottles cost from $5 to $15 here is a cheap one which seemed to last quite a long time.

I hope this helped or informed you on what is good for your rabbit to eat and what Nibbles eats daily. As at times I am not at home with Nibbles, before I go I put a carrot or a couple pieces of kale into his hutch so he wont go hungry. For rabbits, it is ideal to have around 4 hours of play time and free roaming whether it's inside your house or on the grass area.

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